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First, the pre-service
on each user before using our products, we have extensive contacts with clients, enabling customers to understand our products; while we are more professional understanding of customer requirements, Customers have the equipment conditions, and conduct pre-trial argument.

Second, the sale of services
Established in the customer after using our products, we will conduct basic operators and related workers, theoretical and practical training. We will send a service technician for the initial allocation slot and debugging, Until it is operating normally.For the customer's specific situation, prepared jointly with the client process documents and standards.

Third, the service
Other service: When customers have needs, customer marketing department needs to convey to the authorities and customers suggestions for improvement and recommendations, relevant departments to implement, implementation and rectification, in order to meet customer needs. After completion of the rectification, the rectification of the marketing department will communicate the information to the relevant customers, customer's opinions "everything has to implement, each piece has an echo, to further improve customer satisfaction.

Services using occasional visits, regular dissemination and recycling and other forms of customer satisfaction surveys to understand and collect customer feedback, monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.

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