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DW18CNC automatic bending machine
1, the electronic control system: Japanese famous controller.For example: Yaskawa Mitsubishi club or produced servo drives, servo motors, positioning module, CPU ..... and so on.Performance, stability.
2, Mitsubishi CPU can accommodate up to 400 large group of files to edit.Such as insufficient.Available separately transfer software installed in the computer.The files stored on the hard disk.Unlimited expansion edit group number.
3, optional built-WINDOWS-based industrial computer operating system and Mitsubishi servo system match.In addition there are advantages Mitsubishi servo drive.More WINDOWS operating system file management convenience.The files can also be stored on the hard disk or floppy disk.Unlimited expansion edit group number.
4, with automatic error detection and fault functions.And the screen display.Allows the operator to easily remove obstacles.
5, all processed data by touch screen input.
6, each pipe can be a result of changes in different materials set the compensation value, speed, stripping clearance.
7, each with a pipe bend can write five separate actions Gu order, 10-speed, allows the operator to use with.Improve work efficiency, reduce pipe fittings interference point.
8, the touch screen can be switched in English.His language can be displayed on demand ordering.
9.Feeding may be due to the different needs of select direct or pinch.
10, can be automatically converted to XYZ coordinates Granville YBC processing values.(Optional feature)
11, the data after editing is complete.Have a key protection against data to be edited.
12, the electronic control system is equipped with automatic heat exchanger.If necessary, the optional NC-type air-conditioners.Electronic control system to ensure longevity.
13, the machine can be equipped with automatic oiling system.Reduces friction elbow, improve mandrel life and ensure the quality elbow.
14, can be connected to the printer to print out the information shown in the screen.(Optional feature)
15, the machine can be equipped with communication interface and modem.Ji Ming China by the telephone company lines and connections.
16,Manipulated by the engineers to do the distance, real-time monitoring, software updates, troubleshooting ...... etc. 16, feeding trolley feeding position, secure location.Transmission mode interference position, the position of the guided mode interference can be set manually fine-tuning.And automatic memory locations.The measured eliminate human error and machine collision damage.
17, the feed axis is automatically detected before operation.Collision avoidance and machine.
18, in fact, can be used when bending decomposition action.Observe the interference point.Modify action.Improve efficiency.
Main Specifications Models: 1. DW18CNCX2A-1S
2. DW18CNCX3A-2S
Maximum bending diameter × wall thickness Φ18mm × 2mm 1 The minimum bending radius according to pipe diameter

2 Maximum bending radius according to customer requirements

3 Maximum wear core length according to customer requirements
Maximum bending radius R80mm
Minimum bending radius R5mm
Maximum bending angle 195 °
Maximum feed length 1200mm
Feeding Sent straight pinch
Working speed Bending speed Max 200°/s Max 200 ° / s
Rotary speed Max 200°/s Max 200 ° / s
Feeding speed Max 1000mm/s Max 1000mm / s
Working accuracy Bending Accuracy ±0.1° ± 0.1 °
Gatling accuracy ±0.1° ± 0.1 °
Feeding accuracy ±0.1mm ± 0.1mm
Data Input Method 1 coordinates (X. Y. Z)
2 Operating value (YB C)
Bending mode 1.SERVO bending: 1kw (more than three axis)
2 hydraulic pipe
Gatling servo motor power 450w
Feeding servo motor power 750w
Number of bend pipe fittings 1.12
Storing components 1.330
Hydraulic motor power 4 kw
Maximum system pressure 10 Mpa
Machine size 2760 x 690 x 1000mm
Weight 800kg
Note: The company continued research and development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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