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MC-275F pipe cutting machine

European high-intensity nose, configure high efficiency worm, worm drive, the cutting speed is high, no noise, no flash. With manual feed mode, the nose can turn around 45 °, angle depicts clear, and add the system 45 ° -90-45 ° reference file column, making it easier to adjust, equipped with a manual way clamp, automatic cooling system and hand tuning block feet.
ncluding other series of products:
MC 275F/MC 275PV/MC 275AC
MC 315F/MC 315PV/MC 315AC
MC 350F/MC 350PV/MC 350AC
No edges, no dust bilateral way clamp the workpiece steady, smooth cut surface without burrs.Sawing low noise, low pollution.
Accurate a precise and fast a smooth cutting band saw and bow saw faster than the same time smooth cut surface does not heat, saving secondary processing.
Oblique or milling head can be adjusted left and right oblique or milling.Angle is accurate, perfect pipe interfaces.
Coolant pump circulating cooling system with large storage capacity of a bucket, make sure the saw blade life, cut flat.

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