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MC-315AC cutting machine
Automatic clamp from the wonderful knife, in addition to the basic structure and fittings, the clamp and the head pressure retreat are automatic.This type of pipe production is the best weapon.
The main technical parameters:
Cutting capacity (mild steel as a reference)
MC-275 Series MC-315 series
Blade position 90° 45° 90° 45°
80 60 100 80
60x60 45x45 90x90 80x80
60x60 45x45 90x90 80x80
60x60 45x45 80x90 80x80
38 25 55 45
38 25 50 40

Merged Data
MC-275 Series MC-315 series
Host Motor A type 2/4 pole / 1.8/1.3kw A type 2/4 pole / 1.8/1.3kw
B-4/8 pole / 1.5/0.85kw B-4/8 pole 1.5/0.85kw
Spindle A type RPM96/48 RPM84/42
Type B RPM48/24 RPM42/21
Applicable Saw HSS film HSS BLADE
Diameter 250/275mm OD 250/300/345mm
Cooling water pump 90W 90W
Use compressed air PV type and AC type PV type and AC type
0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa
Machine weight (kg) F-type PV type AC type F-type PV type AC type
10 220 250 250 250 260 310
Note: The company continued research and development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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