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HVS-355FA-CNC wholly hydraulic semi-automatic circular sawing machine

Mechanical characteristics:
* Suitable for cutting steel, stainless steel and other thick-walled steel, solid bars and other types of materials
* You can cut straight and 90 of 90 degrees to 45 degrees to the right 30 degrees left to 90 a miter.
* Vertical infeed chute feed stable, long tool life.
* High efficiency and eliminate rebound reduction gear mechanism, suitable for heavy cutting.
* Specially designed clamp, clamping strong, reliable and secure.
* Slide automatic oil lubrication, stable and long life.
* Machine rugged, small vibration, long life of the machine.
* Automatic cooling fluid circulation, to ensure a smooth cut, saw long life.
* Cut sawdust centralized processing, maintenance simple and easy.
The main technical parameters:

90 ° tangent of 45 ° miter 90 ° tangent of 45 ° miter 90 ° tangent of 45 ° miter 90 ° tangent of 45 ° miter
φ110φ110 φ110φ110 φ110φ110 φ125 φ 125
110x110 95x95 110x110 95x95 110x110 95x95 125x125 100x100
160x80 110x80 160x80 110x80 160x80 110x80 160x80 110x80
100x100 95x95 100x100 95x95 100x100 95x95 100x100 100x100
φ75φ55 φ75φ55 φ75φ55 φ100φ70
65x65 50x50 65x65 50x50 65x65 50x50 80x80 75x75
Note: The company continued research and development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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