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MC-325NFA automatic pipe
cutting machine

* This model by the process controller can be set up that will set a good program with automatic pneumatic components, the material automatic feeding, clamping, cutting, the material for the automatic cycle work.
* This machine is suitable for cutting a lot of long thin tube, thick tube can be cut very smooth and accurate, burr-free work, help for furniture, sports equipment factory, lighting factory, bicycle factory, carriage factory, copper processing plants, the efficiency high.
Mechanical characteristics:
* Cut no edges, no dust, suitable for thicker wall sawing.
* Circulation cooling system, cut no heat, make sure the blade life and high, flat section.
* Gas ​​oil conversion pressure, as an automatic feed speed stability, high accuracy, and can feed three times.
The main technical parameters:

Cutting capacity Processing cases 90 ° tangent
Host Motor 2/4 pole 3/1.5HP
Spindle speed 100/50RPM
Cooling System 1/8HP
Applicable Saw HSS ∮250-325(mm)
Clamp maximum opening 140mm
Mechanical dimensions (length X width X height) 1900x950x1500 (mm)
Machine weight 420KG
Note: The company continued research and development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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