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DEF double chamfering machine
1, automatic type
* Host eleven intermediate conveyor stations and tank * Hand Tools a package
* Clamping one pair * standard head with A & day knife blocks, set one pair
2, special accessories * Different sizes intermediate conveyor Station
* various sizes folder module
* special tool holder and blade 3, column material type
* Host
* Hand Tools a package
* Clamping couple.Standard head with A & B, knife blocks, set one pair
The main technical parameters:
DEF-FA/52 Technical Specifications
Host Motor Processing generally iron pipe 2KWx1.5P
Machined aluminum or bronze pipe 2x1.5/1.0kw, 2/4P
Processing of stainless steel pipe 2x1/0.75kw, 4/8P
Use Segment Standard head, for diameter 3/8 "-2" OD
Working length a. Standard: 150mm-1000mm
b. standard: 150mm-1500mm
c. standard: 150mm-2000mm
Intermediate conveyor station #1) ∮12-∮26mm #
#2) ∮18-∮32mm #
#3) ∮22-∮46mm #
#4) ∮40-∮57mm #
Use compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa,120ml/min
Weight DEF-FA/52Rack type 1250kg
Machine size DEF-FA/52Rack type 225x120x160
Note: The company continued research and development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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