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GX-5450 vertical mill grind machine
1 Precision stroke:
* X-axis precision linear slide motor imported from Europe. Precision machining precision, high stability, wear resistance.
2 Main parts:
* Use SKDll high carbon steel and heat treatment, grinding.
3 Easy operation:
* Unique design, operation more convenient.
* Adjust the lever mining graphical indication.
* Cutting angle, back clearance angle, tooth depth, easy to adjust pitch, tooth type is correct.
* Can be used to make teeth or broken tooth rest.
3 new design:
* Adjustable nose wheel put on and put down, having to replace chamfer grinding wheel to work.
* Blade clamp seat improved use of special bearings to withstand friction, wear and tear may not cause springs to ensure precision grinding machines and durability.
* Advance claw end welded tungsten carbide film, can reduce wear. Push arm spring through improved use of rotary spring, not elastic fatigue, ensure accurate feeding.
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